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Ayanne is a couture salon where tailor-made clothing is manufactured. By appointment you are welcome to view our bridal designs and our timeless pieces. Ayanne only uses natural fabrics and guarantees an exceptionally precise finishing touch. 

Laurence Beyaert, the creative mind behind Ayanne, gets her inspiration from unique, personal stories which she translates in exclusive garments. It’s about the art to remain ourselves in today’s consumer society. With Ayanne we are going back in time to a period when sizes were measured with great precision, and our ideas and visions were qualitatively executed.


With the use of an extensive portfolio and by offering you professional style advice, the search for your perfect garment is simplified. Moreover, Ayanne offers a private collection whereof the pieces can be made to your size and in the color of your choice.

In 2006 Laurence Beyaert attained her master’s degree in art history at the University of Ghent. After completing these studies, she started studying fashion in Brussels. 

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